How POOF DOOF Is Creating Safe Queer Spaces At Events Across Oz With Their Pride Truck


POOF DOOF has built a reputation for sending dancefloors across the country into glittery, transcendent oblivion. Its events undoubtedly leave a mark on anyone who attends, and its ethos of joy and inclusivity is infectious.

“POOF DOOF is a dance club for all. It’s been going for about 10 years this November,” said the founder Anthony Hocking and resident DJ Argonaut.

“I think a POOF DOOF party is a combination of every single person you could imagine in the queer community. We’ve got a really mixed crew of people in our family across the performers, dancers and party-goers.”

The party starters are among the talented recipients of the American Express Music Backers Grant – a $1 Million fund created to support the most prominent culture makers in the country. The fund has enabled those across the music industry to continue to thrive amidst the challenges that surfaced over the last year.

Since winning a share of the grant, the pair have crafted a new vision that brings their spirit of inclusion and fun across the country.

“We came up with the idea for the POOF DOOF Pride Patrol. Having our own purpose-built vehicle means we can create our own safe queer space no matter what festival or event we’re going to,” said Anthony.

For the founders, it was important that they’re able to reach those who may not always have easy access to the queer community – a cause close to Argonaut’s heart, having grown up as a gay young man in the suburbs.

“We want to maintain and increase a queer presence at mainstream music festivals. Without the American Express Music Backers Grant, this wouldn’t have been possible. We can now support young queer people in regional Australia because now we’ve got a vehicle to go there, and we’ve got a presence in those areas.”

You can see how they plan on empowering their community to have fun safely in the video below.