Pivot Unveil New Name, Video and Song

From this day forth the band formerly known as Pivot will go by the vowel deficient all caps moniker of PVT. We’re assuming the pronunciation remains unchanged though now we can cook up stupid acronyms like Psychedelic Velodrome Techno or Pivot Volleyball Team to poorly describe the band’s sound. Apparently the change came as the result of an “unexpected legal claim from a band in the United States that used the same name.” Ugh! Litigious American bands are the worst. These guys know what I’m talking about. These guys too!

On the bright side, the Sydney three-piece are releasing their new album Church With No Magic soon (July 16 I’m told) and have released one new track “The Quick Mile” and a thoroughly enjoyable POV video for lead single “Window”. Both are built on sludgy, kinetic drum beats, meticulously layered samples and like, huge amounts of nerd power. Longtime fans will also herald Richard Pike’s urgent, yelping vocals as a welcome addition to the band’s potent sonic arsenal. So yeah, different name, same bone crushing modus opernadi. Also, fuck yeah rim shots. Check it out below…

PVT – “Window”

PVT – “The Quick Mile”
PVT – The Quick Mile by inertiamusic

Via the good folk at Inertia