Phoebe Bridgers’ Mum Had The Sweetest Grammys Moment And I’m Crying In My Skeleton Suit

Phoebe Bridgers Mum Grammys

Icon, legend, musical genius and four-time Grammy loser, Phoebe Bridgers, had the most beautiful mother moment on the red carpet, and truly this is what we’re here for. Screw the awards, we want more carpet mums!

Bridgers, who was nominated for Best New Artist this year, may have walked away with absolutely no awards, (Megan Thee Stallion was the very worthy recipient), but that ultimately doesn’t even matter.

Why? Because Phoebe had the cutest moment with her mum on the red carpet. In fact, it was the only mum moment we got this year, and we are ever so grateful for it.

Speaking with red carpet host Giuliana Rancic, Bridgers and her mum stole the night in a mini-interview about how supportive mumma Jamie has been. It’s been no secret that Bridgers and her mother have a really strong relationship, but now we’ve finally seen it with our own eyes.

“You often talk about your mum and the incredible support that she’s given you, tell me about that relationship,” asked Rancic.

“Paying for guitar lessons, driving me to ‘The Smell’. It is a venue that has earned its name correctly, she would wait outside and sit at Denny’s for me to be done playing,” Phoebe said.

This is when Jamie Bridgers unmasked herself to chime in, and it was so sweet.

“I definitely have done my time at Denny’s,” she said.

Mumma Jamie then elaborated on how much she loved her daughter, and I genuinely started sobbing. I love them!

“I’m just beyond excited for her, and she’s earned it,” she said.

“She’s the hardest working woman in show business. There’s no doubt about it.

“I wouldn’t have driven her everywhere in the world if I hadn’t thought she was amazing. She’s just so amazing, she impresses me all the time.”

Be still my quivering heart. This is the sweetest. Fuck the awards, this is all I need.

You can watch the interview with Rancic right here. Enjoy.

If you need me I’m going to go listen to Grammy-nominated artist Phoebe Bridgers. It’s about time that we all just streamed Punisher. Now garn git!