Patrick Wolf Goes Berserk During Performance

Ahh Patrick Wolf. Who would of guessed that a stone cold killer lurked just beneath the eye makeup, ostentatious feathers and outwardly pleasant demeanor? Certainly not us. But upon watching the below video taken from a recent performance at The C/O Pop Festival in Cologne we’d now think twice about meeting Patrick Wolf in a dark alley for reasons outside his penchant for derriere revealing S&M garb.

In the video, Patrick unleashes his inner power animal “pissed off mother wolf” and gets Medieval on an unsuspecting sound girl who then faces a volley of microphones, mic stands and chairs for her unforgivable mistake of prematurely cutting out the PA. Diva Wolf then attempts to incite a riot but not before dropping some f-bombs and demonstrating why “throwing down” and “throwing” require completely different skill sets.