Oz Betting Company Now Backing #MajorLazer4Hottest100, Because Reasons?

Oh bloody hell just strap yourselves in for more of these in the coming weeks because there’s more than likely going to be a lot.

After the floodgates got opened by the crowbar that was the #Tay4Hottest100 social media campaign last year, now we’ve gotten another “controversy” brewing surrounding Justin Bieber and the #Bieber4Hottest100 movement started by betting company William Hill. One that Triple J responded to by more or less rolling their eyes and groaning “good lord, not this shit again.
Now that exact same company has started another campaign in the exact same model for reasons that can only be surmised as ¯_(ツ)_/¯.
William Hill today launched the #MajorLazer4Hottest100 hashtag, in support of Major Lazer – an artist who is very much legitimately in the running for the Hottest 100 this year. And they’re doing it primarily because Triple J has played that one Diplo song that features Bieber in it this year, which would theoretically make it eligible for the public vote.
And if you thought that little bit of twisted motivation was enough of a noodle scratcher, cop this into yer knowin’ sponges.
The track “Lean On” by Major Lazer w/ DJ Snake ftg.  is the runaway favourite to claim the top spot on this year’s list. William Hill themselves have the track listed as a $2.25 favourite, and early predictions by phenomenal maths nerds have placed the song at the apex of the publicly-voted mountain.
Lean On winning the countdown would not be a good result for William Hill.
In fact, it would be a terrible one for the betting agency. They’ve said so themselves.

“Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ is a clear frontrunner at $2.25, having opened at $4.00, and would be the worst result for the bookmaker by a country mile.”

Outwardly, they’re claiming that it’s being done to “square the ledger,” after Triple J’s comments that trolling the polls won’t be tolerated.

“We’re hoping to achieve parity here by getting behind Justin Bieber’s good mate Diplo (Major Lazer) with the #MajorLazer4Hottest100 campaign; despite the financial impact it’s likely to cost us come countdown.”

“For Triple J to blacklist Bieber (Ed’s note: They didn’t, ya dummies. They just said they’ll keep an eye on the votes and think about discounting some if they feel the books have been cooked), despite actually playing his Grammy nominated collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex (‘Where Are U Now) back in April, is baffling.”

Which is all well and good, but one of Triple J’s key guidelines for voting in the Hottest 100 reads thusly…

“triple j reserves the right to remove artists from the list who have benefited from competitions or commercial campaigns that incentivise fans to vote for them.”

which of course means that a campaign like a #Whoever4Hottest100 could have the inverse effect of actually getting that artist/song the ole’ boot up the arse.

Exactly what in the blue hell William Hill are trying to achieve through all of this is anyone’s guess at this stage. And if you can figure it out definitively, you’re a smarter person than I.
As it stands, it’s seemingly one of three options:
  1. They genuinely, honestly, whole-heartedly want to support Bibber by any means necessary, and think that his deliberate exclusion from the Hottest 100 would grossly misrepresent public opinion on the matter.
  2. They’re terrified that Major Lazer is going to win the Hottest 100 and they’re going to lose a butt-tonne of cash to people backing in the clear favourite, so they’re mounting a sabotage mission masquerading as a public goodwill PR campaign, wherein they incentivise people to vote for the song in the hopes that the skewed numbers causes Triple J to boot the song from the count.
  3. They just want publicity – any publicity – and are throwing as much shit against the wall until something sticks. In which case, mission accomplished, god damn it.
The Hottest 100 is on January 26th. This kind of thing is going to keep happening from now, right up until then. Find your happy places.
Photo: Marc Plasecki/Getty Images.
Source: William Hill.