Our Flood Relief Auction Raised Over $10,000

After we badgered enlisted every contact we could, scrambled to source one of a kind items and experiences and learned the meaning of shill bidding, Pedestrian’s Flood Relief Auction raised $10,897, 100% of which will go to the Premiere’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

A big thank you to everyone who bidded and an even bigger thanks to the following legends who generously donated their time, energy and positive vibes: Bag Raiders, Dan Boud, MyCatwalk, Beastman, Marie Claire, Gail Sorronda, Taj Burrow, Fuzzy, Claire Inc, Boundary Sounds, WILK, Steve Aoki, Future Music Festival, Oxford Art Factory, Amy Meredith, Gary Pepper Vintage, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Semi-Permanent, Karla Spetic, The Chaser Team, Elixir Designs, The John Steel Singers, Ellery, Collider and Daniel Askill, True Alliance, Snog the Frog, ABSOLUT, Andy Harwood, Henson Jewellery, Speedo, Benja Harney, Darren McDonald, Sydney Opera House and ‘VIVID’, Young Hunting, Beginning Boutique, The Spooning Society and Mike O’Meally. We couldn’t have done it without you.