Nile Rodgers Will Be Holding A Guitar Class In Australia

Nile Rodgers performs around the country in December but that’s not all he’ll be doing. The award-winning Chic guitarist, bringing news that will delight anyone who has tried to learn the first eight bars to “Stairway To Heaven” only to rage-quit shortly thereafter, will play your friendly neighbourhood guitar teacher in an exclusive Melbourne class taught not by some sketchy prog-rock enthusiast in hemp pants but by an award-winning songwriter responsible for some of the most iconic songs in pop music history.

The class, dubbed the “Nile Rodgers Guitar Clinic”, will educate budding musicians on Rodgers’ approach to songwriting, to performance and to recording. The class will also incorporate a live Q&A element allowing attendees to receive feedback on their work, their creative process and their form. The Q&A component is billed as an exclusive opportunity to hear Rodgers speak extensively and frankly about his work and life experiences, detailing his various high profile collaborations, rise to fame, battle with cancer, and reemergence with Daft Punk.

When we interviewed him this year Rodgers had this to say about collaborating with David Bowie and their democratic approach to songwriting: “The first Bowie album we did in seventeen days. We were on such a vibe.
Before we did one note of music we artistically established what we were
doing. We knew what the goal was,”
he said. “So when you go into the studio and
you have a clear vision of what the outcome should be artistically and
spiritually and physically, what it should feel and sound like, you
pretty much know that when you get it. When musicians get a take right –
this is the great thing about live music – when you get a take that you
know is right, everybody in the room knows it.”

Believe us, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Tickets for the masterclass + Q&A are available now for $99 plus BF.

Aahh freak out!

Nile Rodgers & CHIC Australian Tour Dates

Fri 6th Dec – Subsonic Music Festival – Riverwood Downs Park, Barrington Tops, NSW
Sat 7th Dec – Sydney Opera House – Concert Hall, Sydney
Sun 8th Dec – Astor Theatre, Perth
Wed 11th Dec – Billboard The Venue, Melbourne (2nd show and/or Q&A with Nile Rodgers -Plus Todd Terry & Mitzi) – 2ND MELB SHOW
Fri 13th Dec – Billboard The Venue, Melbourne (Plus Todd Terry) – SOLD OUT!!
Sat 14th Dec – Meredith Amphitheatre, Meredith, VIC Sun
15th Dec – The Tivoli (Nile Rodgers & CHIC – Day event) Plus Locals: Mitzi / Graham Don / Mr Sparkles / Cool Hand Luke / Chantal / Gavin Boyd
Sun 15th Dec – Cloudland, Brisbane (Todd Terry & Eric Powell (Bush Records) – Night event) Plus Locals: Chris Wilson / Cosmo Cater / Kieron C