New Music From Semi-Retired Sia Is On The Way

She of colourful face paint and platinum bangs, Sia, has not only given fans an online preview of her recent collaboration with Christina Aguilera, but she has also dropped some exciting news about her upcoming releases. That’s right, releases plural.

Despite being kind of retired, the songstress has been busy at work on THREE brand new records, which she revealed in a Twitter conversation with massive Sia fan and gossip impresario Perez Hilton.

Sia explained that she has three records on the way, a ‘Sia’ record, an ‘orchestral’ record, and an ‘animated pop project’ record.

Whilst there haven’t been any previews from the albums yet, Sia tweeted a snippet from an unreleased track she has collaborated on with pal and The Voice judge Christina Aguilera. Their ongoing friendship is just one of the reasons that Sia would be a perfect replacement judge for The Voice.

The sneak peek was of Blank Page” a track to be released on Aguilera’s upcoming album Lotus later this year. Although the preview is only thirty seconds long, it sounds decent enough, mostly due to its minimal Xtina/maximum Sia sound.

Words By Nikki Brogan

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty