New Justice Album Rumours Sound Legit

OK, peeps have been waiting a pretty long time for a new Justice record. Since 2007 in fact. So for these reports to be false would be sticking the proverbial cross through their hearts. But, through accumulated hard evidence it would appear that the new Justice Record, Civilisation, will be released this year. Yay! Remember when you first heard “Waters Of Nazareth” and you face fell off?

The skepticism is completely justified of course. The internet has been teeming with erroneous Justice news for years, with fake premieres from fake Justices the most common/manipulative of them all. This time around it appears to be totally legit: seemingly real artwork for the album by Parisian fashion label and creative agency Surface To Air, an official Facebook page for the album, and the endorsement of Busy P and the good folk at Ed Banger Records. She’s real.

Also, in a recent interview JFK of MSTKRFT announced that the new Justice record was done and sounds like a band practicing. Not sure whether to get excited over that one or not.