Nelly Just Performed “Ride Wit Me” With A Country Duo At The AMAs For Some Reason

Today in your inexplicable sojourn into the pop music wasteland that was 2001: Nelly, St Louis rapper responsible for band-aids as fashion statements, Kelly Rowland’s most memorable non-Destiny’s Child single, and the hit most likely to lead to a club orgy, reminded everyone just how alive he is right now by making a live appearance at the 2013 American Music Awards to ride alongside American country music duo Florida Georgia Line for a mash up of their “Crush” and his “Ride Wit Me”, which, upon viewing, lead us to the following three truths.

1) It’s kind of hilarious how the original lyrics to “Ride Wit Me” – “she can be 18 with an attitude // Or 19, kinda snotty, acting real rude” – have been amended to 19 and 21 respectively (for this broadcast? forever?) so that both Nelly and this song seem less creepy now that he’s a 39 year old man with two kids. 2) Why would you not do “Country Grammar”? 3) Seriously, why would you not do “Country Grammar”?