Music Stars And Their Embarrassing High School Yearbook Photos

Shall we dive back into the working week with a tasty slice of schadenfreude? Think of it as a wheat grass shot for the soul via the music industry’s most embarrassing yearbook photos.

From Gene Simmons and Prince to Madonna and Avril Lavigne (who surprise surprise wasn’t a punk) Impact Lab have compiled a skin-crawling collection of yearbook photos which belie the superstar persona those manipulative Record Companies would have you believe.

Case in point? Lil John was once the long lost cousin of Steve Urkel. Eminem looks like a beady eyed yokel who’s one defective gene away from retardation. And while currently channeling “sexually ambiguous metrosexual” American Idol host Ryan Seacrest rocked the decidedly less sexy “future pedophile” look in middle school. Thank God our yearbook photos will never see the light of day.

See Photos via The Daily Swarm