Modular Launches Cryptic New Site

Last night the guys from Modular Records launched a cryptic new website called ceo and as the name might suggest it’s totally boss. Get it? CEO…Boss…I’m Bossy, I’m the bitch y’all love to hate! Etcetera, etecetra, etcetera.

Anywho the site looks to be in promotion of a new side/solo project by Eric Berglund of The Tough Alliance which makes total sense because the Gothenburg duo are Mod-affiliated but mainly because Berglund is in the acid-trip of a promo video so…maybe it’s not so cryptic after all. Either way it’s definitely less cryptic than the ceo bio which is comprised entirely of awesome shit like cashmere, slam dunks, Rihanna’s voice and Seinfeld…

ceo arises in 1981 and 1891. in 3064 and tomorrow. after ibrahimovic and before nectanebo II. before the dark ages and after spring break. before time was, ceo is.

ceo arises in miami, hell, holzschlag, the andes, sparta, chianti and wall street. in the antennae galaxies, kungsmässan, flushing meadows and the mariana trench. before space was, ceo is.

you may call me sophia, yukio, fanta, eric, kiki and krishna. and wii and whitney.

ceo is the photosynthesis and a an aria, it is silence and virginity lost in a gang bang.
ceo is a bird in space and ceo is the space in a bird.
ceo is saliva, patrón, november rain and panic. it is a relief, a citrine and it is broken dreams.
ceo is the harlot, the prince the snake and the shaman. in a spyker c8 laviolette. and on a mirage.
ceo is raspberries and chlamydia, it is the shadow and it is a clapping game.
ceo is auroras and charlotte casiraghi. it is laser beams and a home by the ocean.
ceo is a lost love and rihanna’s voice. it is hibernation, the spectacle and every breath you take.
ceo is platinum and it is valium, it is a quasar and it is a lie. ceo is a breech forest and a slamdunk.
ceo is the ashanti and ceo is seinfeld. it is eucalyptus, neon and a smile.
ceo is a war zone and a sanctuary. it is dukkha, dilla and the body of light.
ceo is cashmere, sweat, zooxanthellae and a stiletto. it is implosion technology and it is the match point.

ceo is you and you are me and i am ceo.

in eternity.

ceo – Prologue from Modular People on Vimeo.