‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Wows Everyone W/ This A+ Chainsmokers Jam

Young sitcom star has a crack at singing” is a fairly worn-in trope by now, what with your Miley Cyrus‘s, Demi Lovato‘s, and Selena Gomez‘s and whatnot.
But hey, talent is talent. Ya can’t get about denying that.
Modern Family‘ star Sarah Hyland appears set to be the next cab off that particular career pivoting rank, with the 25-year-old revealing a surprisingly solid voice in an appearance alongside pop group Boyce Avenue.
The group recently teamed up with Hyland to take on a stripped-down, acoustic rendition of The Chainsmokers and Halsey‘s hit ditty ‘Closer,’ and you’d bet your goddamned ass that it’s actually good enough to make Phil Dunphy react comically.
Hyland not only takes on Halsey’s verse in the song, but holds some fairly gorgeous harmonies underneath the chorus lines throughout the course of the song, which was posted mere hours ago but has already racked up a solid 1.5million+ views on the ole’ faithful YouTube.

For whatever it’s worth (probably not much) The Chainsmokers seem very chill about the whole thing, posting words of congratulations to both Hyland and Boyce Avenue on Twitter earlier this morning.

As for what’s next for Hyland, who’s to say at this stage. Social media posts suggest that this has been something she’s wanted to do “since I was 19.” And with the ability to carry a tune that well, we reckon a career in music would be an easy switch to make.

But in the meantime, Modern Family is still on the air. And when you’re hooked into a gravytrain that rich, ya gotta ride it out for as long as you can.
If the smooth tones of Boyce Avenue sound like a thing that’s up your alley, they’re touring Australia in early December. Get at all the vital details over ‘ere.

Source: YouTube.