Miranda Kerr and Joanna Newsom For Victoria’s Secret

As the finest and perhaps only purveyor of harp driven folk-pop, pastoral songstress Joanna Newsom brings various images to mind. Lingerie however is not one of them.

And yet a Newsom cut “Sprout And The Bean” soundtracks the latest Victoria’s Secret advertisement for their Dream Angels push up bra. The advertisement (shown below) may resonate with Australian audiences for two reasons. Firstly it features homegrown supermodel, media darling and rotating Women’s Magazine cover star Miranda Kerr who is effervescent as always. Secondly casual music fans may recognize Newsom’s plaintive ditty from a Melbourne tourism campaign starring a giant unraveling ball of thread. If only Victorian Tourism and Victoria’s Secret could combine and make a video with Miranda Kerr and unraveling thread…

Via Stereogum

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty