Midnight Juggernauts Plot Australian Homecoming

Like any proud parent of a world-conquering electro band like Midnight Juggernauts, Australia has missed its babies terribly. While the band have been jetting around the world and shmoozing with French scene-stars, we’ve been waiting at home, worrying about their diets and hoping they’ll call (or at least MySpace msg).

But the sleepless nights appear to be over as the Juggernauts are coming back home. It’s been announced that the space-pop trio will be headlining Sounds In The Grounds mini-festival in Sydney on October 14th. Joining them at the Sydney Uni campus will be Van She, Lost Valentinos and gaggle of other bands. We’re still waiting on word as to whether or not Andy, Vinny and Daniel will be playing some other shows when they’re back but we’ve got our fingers, toes and eyes crossed with hope.


Check the lineup.

Midnight Juggernauts
British India
Van She
Lost Valentino’s
+ more to be announced.