MGMT + KAREN O Guest On New Flaming Lips Album

There’s been lots of hype over the past couple of weeks around The Flaming Lips and their upcoming LP “Embryonic.” With rumours flying around left, right and centre we thankfully confirm that MGMT and Karen O will be appearing on the much anticipated long player.

How do we know this?

Wayne Coyne himself dropped it in an interview with Die Klangschau mag out Switzerland.

“We have MGMT doing a song with us and we have Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs doing a couple songs with us. For the Karen O tracks, I just called her up in her hotel room and we just did it right over the telephone. It’s pretty absurd.”

So essentially Embryonic is lining up to be a neo-psych fan’s wet dream.

All we need to know now is whether the image above is actually the real deal.