Flaming Lips To Back New Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

New Where the Wild Thing Are Trailer to feature the Flaming Lips?

Last Friday myself along with one of Pedestrian’s main head honchos had the pleasure of sitting down with Flaming Lips frontman; the one and only Wayne Coyne. It was just how I imagined it, streamers everywhere and lots of confetti… I know right!

Of course Wayne being the man he is, the interview brimmed with magical quotes and hilarious responses however one of the biggest scoops we danced away with wasn’t in response to any question we threw at him, or at least not directly.

As we were setting up the set adjusting the lighting and what not, Mr.Coyne’s manager (presumably) made his way over to quiz Wayne during some of his little spare time in amidst his marathon press session. Lets just say first up we heard something along the lines of “Hey Wayne, the guys making Where the Wild Things Are want to use a Flaming Lips song for their next trailer, they want to use either “Do You Realise” or The yeah yeah yeah song?” Wayne then decided on “Do You Realise” as he thought it was more within the WTWTA vibe but then went onto to say they can have both as he’d prefer to let them choose.

Massive huh, especially considering Wayne’s arch nemesis band the Arcade Fire lay claim to the audio props on the first trailer. Is Karen O (She’s Music Directing WTWTA) trying to start something here?

The full interview is being cut up as we speak, here’s a little teaser.

We asked Wayne what the deal was, this is what he had to say:

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