Meredith Music Festival 2020 Has Been Cancelled, Finally Giving Silence Wedge The Headline Slot

meredith music festival 2020 cancelled

In unsurprising but still very upsetting news, Meredith Music Festival has officially called it on the 2020 edition of the fest, with Aunty Meredith confirming the news this morning.

Like much of the planet, life in Postcode 3333 must contend with a pandemic and adjust to a different beat, for the time being,” Aunty wrote to her beloved boog friends.

“Which brings us to a break in regular programming. A rest. Something which, in itself, is not such an unusual part of the Supernatural trip.”

The festival was set to mark its 30th year of celebrations of everything weird and wonderful in the Supernatural Amphitheatre, flanked by couches and elaborate costumes. Instead has had to park it until next year due to the ongoing COVID-19 wave in Victoria.

For once, Silence Wedge has been given the headline set of the festival – the whole weekend – and I don’t think anyone saw this coming at the close of Golden Plains in early March.

Aunty and the Meredith Festival team have confirmed they’re looking beyond 2020 to the light on the horizon, a little glimmer of gold like the famed Meredith sunsets, and are now working towards bringing Golden Plains Festival to life in 2021. Fingers crossed, friends.

But for now, the ‘Sup rests. And if you’re too bummed out about missing Meredith this year, you can always join this Facebook event and paint a tree red in your backyard for your own Meredith, iso-style.