Madonna Says That Tupac Prison Letter Was Stolen, Orders Halt On Auction

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the auction of a supposed newly unearthed letter, handwritten by Tupac in the 90s to his former flame Madonna, but today a new spanner has been thrown into the works with Madge filing a request for the auction to be stayed.

The original letter, dated 1995 and written by the dearly-departed rap artist during a short stint in prison for assault, appeared to be an apology to his one-time boning partner, stating the fact Madonna was a white woman, as one of the reasons he ended the fling.
An excerpt of the letter via TMZ.
The legit touching document was looking at going for around $170k, but that was before Madonna filed a request for a temporary restraining against the auction house in question, claiming rightful ownership over the letter.
The Queen of Pop’s team also requested around 20 other items related to her be removed including an old chequebook, several photos and, most disturbingly, a pair of her underwear.
Weirdly enough the court filings state that Madonna was not aware she no longer physically possessed all these items until she heard they were up for auction, an excuse only just passingly acceptable due to it coming from someone with probably has like, 12 different houses across the world. Imagine trying to find that one charger for that off-brand tablet you bought two years… what a nightmare.
All the items have now been taken down from the Gotta Have It Collectibles site, as courts attempt to clarify ownership of the items. 
Sooooo a big sorry to those fucked-up sickos out there trying to buy a middle-aged woman’s underwear, I guess.
Source: Rolling Stone.
Picture: Instagram / Madonna.