Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Tops US Billboard Chart, Knocks Off Miley

Lorde has performed her own brand of demolition on Miley Cyrus, knocking Wrecking Ball off to take the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 chart with her debut single Royals. Her leap to the top has occured just weeks after she set a record for the longest time spent at the top of the Billboard Alternative Songs chart by a female since Alanis Morissette.

The 16-year-old New Zullander told Billboard “It feels like a combination of my birthday, Christmas and washing my hair after a month of not doing so… [I’m] very, very grateful for everyone’s love and kind words.”

Lorde is probably bracing herself for a Miley fan backlash – after Royals topped the iTunes charts two weeks ago, she received various combinations of insults and even death threats from Cyrusites via Twitter who were shocked that the grounded musician who writes her own songs dare dethrone the sexed-up, tongue-wagging twerk-puppet.

It’s not the only splash Lorde has made in the US this week. Last night the teenager made another step in her Gotye-like ascension, performing her US television debut with two songs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Watch her nail it with Royals and White Teeth Teens below:

And here is our Before They Were #1 Internationally Mega Stars interview with Lorde from earlier this year:

Via Billboard and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon