Lorde’s ‘Royal’ Chosen As Victory Song For Newly Elected NY Mayor

While you were sleeping New York elected a new mayor, a one Mr. Bill de Blasio who, it would appear, has a penchant for NZ alterna-pop.

The song choice for his victorious trip to the podium is thought to be relevant to the interests of BdB, a man who has famously criticised the billionaire former mayor Michael Bloomberg for governing “two New Yorks”, both the rich one and the poor one. Mayor de Blasio has also denounced the Bloomberg endorsed stop-and-frisk practice and promised to raise taxes for those New Yorkers in and around the 1%. So yeah, people be reading into it.

Maybe bro just likes to get down tho…

Lorde victory lap:

Victory speech:

‘Royals’ US version:

Meanwhile, Lorde is yet to comment on the Mayor’s song choice, evidently she was too busy playing for/hanging out with Tilda Swinton and David Bowie at Tilda’s Chanel sponsored birthday bash at MoMA………………………………

If the internet does get its way and there is a Swinton and Bowie union maybe they’ll adopt Lorde?
We’ll start writing up the papers now.

Watch our pre-Bowie Lorde interview.

via NY Mag