Listen To The Winning ‘Homemade Dynamite’ Remix Handpicked By Lorde Herself

The winner of the comp to remix Lorde‘s ‘Homemade Dynamite‘ has been announced, and it’s earned praise from the queen herself.

Sydney producer Sweet Potato – whose profile says they’re “a root vegetable with a penchant for dank EDM” – created a glitchy, catchy remix using Lorde’s own voice for the beat, calling their creation ‘Spark-a-ling‘.

“I was really, very inspired and I stopped in my tracks when I heard what you’d done,” said Lorde. “It weirdly reminded me of a song I made in 2012 called ‘Million Dollar Bills’. We chopped up my voice and used it as a beat. It’s the kinda remix I’d listen to a bunch of times.”

Over 1,000 people entered the Triple J comp, with Eilish Gilligan, Vincent Sole, Tone Youth and Aela Kae all coming in as finalists.

“So many of you guys remixed Homemade Dynamite, it’s so amazing!” said Lorde. “There were so many cool entires. Each one I really was very impressed by for different reasons.”

Safe to say Sweet Potato is stoked.

Have a listen to his remix right the hell here: