Charli XCX Taps Lorde To Remix The BRAT Song That Was Supposedly About Her & THIS Is Culture

Charli XCX Lorde Brat

Proving that the lore around BRAT is richer than anything in Game of Thrones (idk, I never watched it), Charli XCX has announced a remix of “Girl, so confusing”, featuring the namesake girl herself.  

That’s right, Lorde — who is widely speculated to be the subject of the BRAT cut — will appear on a remixed version of the song with Charli, set for release at 2:00pm on Friday. 

The collaboration was teased via Charli’s livestream TikTok, which showed Lorde’s name being painted on the same mural wall used to promote the deluxe edition of BRAT. 

“The internet would go crazy” (it has). (Source: Charli XCX/TikTok)

Then, over on her finsta account (those who know, know), Charli shared a snippet of Lorde’s verse on the remix, where she sings about being on a Charli XCX remix while actually being on a Charli XCX remix (you following?). 

“I was speechless when I woke up to your voice note,” the “Royals” singer quips, “You told me how you’ve been feeling / Let’s work it out on the remix.”   

“Let’s work it out on the remix.” (Source: @LordeUpdatesBR/X)

As for why the pair had to “work it out”, let me give you even more lore. In the original version of “Girl, so confusing”, Charli sings of an unnamed musician who has “the same hair” and who she’s constantly compared to. 

It’s less a diss track and more a reflection on how Charli’s friendships are complicated by insecurity and the competitive, girl-eat-girl music industry.  

Fans quickly theorised the song was about Lorde, with lyrics about how the “internet would go crazy” if the pair were ever to collaborate (she was right). Lorde’s appearance on the remix basically confirms she is the subject of the song, and squashes any rumours of a supposed beef.

Earlier this month, at the height of the speculation, Lorde took to Instagram to sing praises for Charli, saying BRAT is “the only album I’ve ever presaved.”   

“I speak for all of us when I say it’s an honour to be moved, changed and gagged by her work,” Lorde wrote. “There is NO ONE like this bitch.”

Lorde is one of multiple artists to enter the BRAT universe, with Yung Lean, Addison Rae and “Dancing On My Own” singer Robyn appearing on remixes of the album’s songs. 

The jury is still out on whether Taylor Swift is the subject of fellow BRAT song “Sympathy is a knife”. Heck, maybe she’ll also jump on the remix and promptly release eleven hundred variants of it. 

Image source: Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage and @skyferrori/X.