Lil Wayne Jail Time Delayed

“Get out of my grillz”

That’s exactly what Lil Wayne needs to do before he goes to jail. He was due to go to prison on 9 February for an 12-month weapons charge sentence, but his sentencing has now been postponed so he can undergo dental surgery.

Weezy’s defense lawyer, Stacey Richman – who did not provide the reason behind the surgery – said: “It is a medical situation that, like any of us, has to be addressed,” but we all know it’s because he’s packing three pounds of bling-a-ling awesomeness in his teeth. She said the rapper had planned to take care of it before Tuesday, but his dentist had been out of the country doing charitable work, so the sentencing has been rescheduled for 2 March.

Lil Wayne stands at 168cm (or 5’6″) – hence the “lil” part of his name – so if we were him we would be avoiding time behind bars for as long as possible – especially after releasing his super shit rock album “Rebirth” earlier this month. For that, he almost deserves to be made someone’s bitch.

Via Spin