Crowd At Lil Wayne Show Stampedes Out Of Arena After False Gunshot Rumours

Lil Wayne show in Atlanta has descended into borderline anarchy after the crowd abruptly rushed out of the arena following what police are stating were false reports of an active shooter.

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Lil Wayne had taken the stage for a planned set as part of the A3C Festival and was said to be roughly 5 songs into the set when the chaos erupted.

Initial reports are sketchy, but assert that someone in the crowd may have screamed that they heard gunshots, which caused a panic that quickly spread to the entire audience.

Security rushed Lil Wayne off stage quickly, which seemingly exacerbated the issue, causing the entire crowd to turn and run away from the stage.

Footage captured at the scene shows a hectic, chaotic situation with very little control from authorities.

Social media reports from punters at the gig state that a lot of people began running simply because everyone else was.

Preliminary reports from Atlanta-area police asserted there was currently no evidence to back up people’s claim of hearing gunshots. The ensuing panic and rush has left approximately twelve people with minor injuries; mostly ankle sprains and lacerations from either running or trying to hop the festival ground’s fences.

Festival management issued a statement a short time ago confirming an altercation took place in the crowd that may have sparked the initial panic, but no weapons were involved.

Meanwhile Lil Wayne has issued a short statement on the evacuation, simply stating that he hopes everyone present is now safe.

The investigation into the incident remains on-going.