LCD Soundystem Ready New LP

In the below behind-the-scenes video, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy name checks the following items: “Feather boa, tea, country gentlemen, cocaine, silver pants, spaceship”. We’re not sure if the aforementioned objects describe the vibe of LCD Soundystem’s forthcoming LP or if they’re just a shopping list of studio necessities, either way we’re all for furthering feather boas in general society and as musical reference points.

What else? Oh Nancy Whang engages in a sexual innuendo gag that has absolutely nothing to do with her surname and Pat Mahoney is still the best dude ever. Aside from that the record should be out very soon as Murphy has made clear:

Via the band’s website: “So some stuff happened. Looks like we added another Paris gig. Oh, and something else. The fucking record is done.”

And Twitter: “Mixing last song right now to send to the amazing bob weston to master. meaning, record DONE. i hope people like it.”