Larry Tee, Charlie Le Mindu, Graz & Ellery Take Pop Music’s Big Wigs To The Dogs

The self-proclaimed “most outrageous artist in electronic music“, DJ, songwriter and producer Larry Tee, has teamed up with the equally outrageous provider of follicle fashun and technicolour merkins, haute coiffure designer Charlie Le Mindu, on the absolutely ridiculous/amazing music video for ‘Charlie‘.

It’s a high amp, high camp canine re-imagining of today’s biggest pop cultural icons that tastes, feels and looks like an AV hair of the dog. Hair-raising wigs by Le Mindu (whose work with hair as ready-to-wear is worth seeking out) and sunglasses by local lens-specialists Graz and Ellery also have their day.

With fifteen canine caricatures from Chihuahua Del Rey, Sticky Minaj, Amy Doghouse and Katy Puggy, plus a near indistinguishable vocal track from performer Jean Claude Madhero and a reference to a viral pioneer in ‘Ouch Charlie‘, Tee has combined the best of the interwebs to forge a new kind of career milestone (although nothing could surpass this piece of cultural gold – now playing); plus the kind of instant #memeability that money can’t buy and all kinds of sense steer clear of.

Don’t fight it – roll over below: