Lippy chanteuse and all-caps tweeter Lana Del Rey has announced an upcoming 30 minute film starring the gal herself, Lana Del Rey. 

Never known by her mere mortal name Lizzie Grant, the sultry songstress diagnosed with a rare condition of permanent-pout has spread the news on twitter to announce TROPICO, coming to a tumblr with blow by blow gif reincarnations near you.
Hinting that the film—which I suppose will be in a similar vein to Arcade Fire releasing Spike Jonze‘s The Suburbs along with their album, but with 100% more shots of Lana Del Rey nodding at the camera—will be released in theatres so you can be engulfed by her presence, probably in 3D, with the singer saying that premiere dates will be announced soon.
The film will be directed by Anthony Mandler, director of Lana Del Rey’s music videos for National Anthem and Ride; it will be appropriately set to Del Rey’s tracks Body Electric, God’s and Monsters and Bel Air. It’s teased as being a “Tale of redemption”, probably because Lana will be feeling pretty fucking awful once the snake she’s so casually trying to seduce fills her with venom, but then she writhes in pleasure, or something:
Via Stereogum