Internet sensation and front-runner for lips of the year, Lana Del Ray dropped her second single in the US overnight. (Yes, her second. ‘Blue Jeans’ was a B-side.)

‘Born To Die’ has been floating around the ‘gangster Nancy Sinatra’s live set for a few months, and previously included some undeniably racy lyrics “let me f-ck you hard in the pouring rain, you like your girls insane.’ Whoever is managing the YouTube star obviously decided that wasn’t going to sell records, and the line has since been changed For reference, Del Ray already has one record, from 2009, which none of us bought and her label failed to promote, with a new one on the way next month.

Naturally that discretion didn’t extend to the YouTube video for the clip (note: not even official) which has Del Ray topless in the arms of a tattooed model bro in front of the American flag. Deep.

Del Ray will be in Australia in March and will hopefully have located her top. Jokes, we hope she hasn’t.

via Spinner.

Title Image by Tim P. Whitby via Getty