CGI Lana Del Ray Makes Taiwanese News

Taiwanese animated news outlet have jumped on the Lana Del Rey backlash bandwagon with a very literal CGI retelling of the singer’s rags to riches tale thus far. The video – which has to have been made in The Sims, right? Go play a video game guys! – tracks singer Lizzie Grant’s rise to fame from her being anointed as the next big thing by the flannel-wearing hipster set against a Brooklyn Bridge backdrop, to her transformation into the oft-quoted ‘gangster Nancy Sinatra’, and culminating in her critically panned SNL outing with its subsequent backlash from online music media outlets Pitchfork, Spin and Billboard – who take to a copy of her debut album ‘Born To Die‘ with a set of skillets. It’s better than I ever even knew.

Image: Timothy A. Clary via Getty