Kennedy, Cobrasnake, Avalon, Aoki and Scott – bigger then jesus

When I was little going to my Nonna and Nonu’s pad was pretty sweet, it meant all I had to do was sit in a 1960’s eastern European time warp, keep myself occupied, eat and drink all the pizza and pasta I could get and voila I’d leave with a sly $10 in my hand courtesy from my ever affectionate grandparents.

In between smashing tetris and trying to maneuverer their TV antenna for better reception, I use to wonder what the fuck was going on with that picture with all those dudes and lots of food. I worked out it was something to do with god, still really don’t know what it’s all about but hey do think in 4283 people will hang this in their loungeroom?

from left to right:

dj danny masterson
dj dan oh
dj skeet skeet
dj am
dj steve aoki
the cobrasnake
cory kennedy
jeremy scott
mickey avalon
cisco adler

Last Supper from eatskeet

<3 J