Kanye West Is Back On Instagram With A Spesh Message For You Know Who

Kanye West is back, baby.

No, he hasn’t premiered any new tunes. No, there aren’t any unexpected Australian tour plans. Nor has he unveiled any fresh avant-garde music videos.

But he is back on Instagram, so we do feel entitled to say he’s back. Baby.

After many months of silence on the social media front, the era-defining rapper returned to the photo-sharing platform with a simple message to wife Kim Kardashian.

The post shows a plain folded card reading “HAPPY VALENTINES [sic] DAY BABE” on a concrete surface.

Over in the bottom right corner of the image, there’s a glimpse at what seems to be the Yeezy Desert Rat 500, West’s latest addition to the high-fashion fugly shoe game.

And that’s it.


The bare-bones image suggests the rapper has decided to return to the world of social media mortals, after his extended phone-free sabbatical.

In 2016, West ditched his almost-empty Instagram account. His Twitter account also vanished, depriving pop-culture fanatics of one of the most live-wire online celebrity presences.

Perhaps the image also hints at his new, revived aesthetic: earnest dad-posting.

You can scope out his account HERE.