Julie Bishop, Have You Seen These New triple j Emoji?

In a sterling example of the blatant misuse of taxpayers’ funds that even Julie Bishop will certainly endorse – j/k, don’t forget which party she belongs to – triple j’s Veronica and Lewis this afternoon unveiled the following youth broadcaster flavoured emoji – or, emojays – for your consideration. 

Apparently generated from listener participation and Diplo’s suggestions alike, all the necessary 21st century hieroglyphs have been made available to you so you can perform your duties as a barely-functioning member of Australian society: there’s a rap squat, and a flaccid dick, presumably [?]; Kanye and Lorde are there too, as are Tony Abbott’s speed dealers. 
Then there are much needed additions to the emoji canon that will enrich even the most fulfilled of lives: a goon sack, a bucket hat, ‘tune’, portaloos and – best of all – ‘420’ blaze it. You can download them all here
Txt ur m8s. See who’s keen.