Emoji Fiend Julie Bishop Joins Snapchat, Seeks Help From Karl Stefanovic

Excessive emoji user Julie Bishop has taken the logical step into the youth voter arena and joined Snapchat.

She debuted her new account this morning at a campaign event in Bennelong, and to be honest – it fell a little flat. 

We *mean*, there wasn’t even some kind of filter situation, and her phone was very clearly being held by someone else as our Foreign Minister poured a cuppa coffee. 

But never fear, voting citizens, for ~YA BOI~ Karl Stefanovic  is apparently going to show her the ropes.

(The backstory: Julie Bishop asked the TODAY team to help her out, but Karlos was somehow unable to. Presumably this v. v. vital Snapchat training cannot be done via live-cross, then? But honestly, the visual of Karl showing Julie how to face swap is one that we cannot rob from the Australian people, WE CANNOT.)

But her debut Snapchat was not *the only* nesworthy thing that happened in Bennelong this morning, where Bishop was there to show her support for Liberal Federal MP John Alexander.

A reporter from some radio station called 2RRR asked her, “Now Julie Bishop, how does this roll off the top of the tongue: ‘Prime Minister Julie Bishop‘?” and she responded with all the warmth of an ice cold esky.

You can add her on Snapchat  here: JBish2016

Photo: Snapchat / Julie Bishop.