The biter feud between Robbie Williams and his neighbour Led Zeppelin‘s Jimmy Page continues.

Yep, take all your angst you have about your neighbour putting their rubbish in your bin and amplify it by these two are both rich as hell.

The latest development in their feud, which has been going for five years, ever since Williams expressed his intention to build a basement gym and pool in his home in west London, is that Williams is “playing loud ’70s rock music” to “upset” Page, The Telegraph reports.

Imagine, being in a wildly successful band through the ’70s, but now at the crotchety age of 75, being unable to bear listening to that racket anymore.

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Did Ayda put her new mug down here on purpose? ????

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I only wish they were mouthing off about each other on social media so we could all bear witness.

Still, their biffo is in the public domain because ‘Anonymous’ formally complained to Kensington and Chelsea Council about 44-year-old Williams’ rudeness, posting a letter on the council’s planning portal.

At the end of last year, Williams’ application was approved, with conditions meaning he needs to monitor vibration levels and ground movement.

Page is against the development application as he’s worried the excavation work necessary would fuck up the fancy af 1875 mansion he’s been living in for 40 years.

The letter signed ‘Johnny’, accuses Williams of deliberately playing Led Zeppelin’s “rock archrival bands Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple” real loudly on “outside speakers when he views Jimmy Page outside his home“.

He obviously knows this upsets Mr Jimmy Page.


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Behind the lens with… Neal Preston "I don’t recall what city we were playing, but I distinctly remember that were flying back to New York. Someone from the Swan Song office told me that Jimmy needed a photo shot for his passport – he had plans to go to Egypt after the last show of this leg of the tour and the photo was for his visa. "I was told that the photo absolutely had to be delivered the next day, without fail. It was all on me, and if I screwed up there would be no trip for Jimmy – at least not to Egypt. "I asked Jimmy to stand in the back of the plane and I shot three frames, bouncing a strobe off the top of the fuselage. There would be no time for him to see the photo before it had to be sent to the Egyptian authorities, so the second we landed I was put in a limo to run me to the photo lab. "I put the roll through the night drop slot in an envelope with a rather terse note saying I would at the lab personally by 9am to pick out a frame to print for the visa application (needless to say I didn’t go to sleep)…and that missing my deadline was not an option!"

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It also accuses Williams as dressing up as Page’s bandmate Robert Plant by “wearing a long hair wig, and stuffing a pillow under his shirt“.

But Williams – through a spokesperson – has denied the accusations, telling The Telegraph they’re “a complete fabrication and nonsense“.

Williams has had two previous planning applications refused because of complaints from Page.

Page’s PR guy, Mark Borkowski, is apparently planning to arrange a meet-up, hopefully a casual winter backyard barbie, for the airing of grievances.

Source: The Telegraph
Image: Getty Images / Shaun Botterill