Jamie XX Drops New Single

Wow, drowsy tropical vibes and hypnagogic wonder in this new jam from Jamie Smith, resident beat-smith in recent Mercury Prize winners, The xx. Speaking with Xfm Radio’s X-Posure last night, the MPC aficionado said this of his new solo project: “It’s a tune I made on one of our short breaks from touring and I was eager to make some new music…I got a steel pan and made this track and it is coming out on Numbers Records in about a month or so.”

Track’s called “Far Nearer” though Smith’s still unsure of what moniker he’ll release it under. Jamie xx is still a possibility. Jamie Tropical Thunder is another. Our suggestion, of course. Anyways, this is just astoundingly beautiful – totally enamoured with that light/heavy duality implied in the track’s title and pleasantly surprised with the barely there steel pans, which never encroach on jokey pastiche as can happen when steel pans are involved.

Via P4K