James Murphy Is Releasing A Signature Coffee Blend

You wanted a caffeine hit. Forget working on Reflektor, forget running DFA Records, forget the DJ sets – James Murphy has revealed a few details about his most highly anticipated post-LCD Soundsystem project yet: his signature espresso coffee blend. Murphy’s love for coffee first came to light in the hybrid farewell concert film/documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits, which devoted a good deal of screen time to footage of Murphy tinkering with the coffee machine in his office.

He’s apparently teamed up with Blue Bottle Coffee in the US to put together his unique and personal blend, with Murphy telling Rolling Stone “It’s a very neutral espresso with really intense elements. No filler, all really good single-origin beans. It’s lighter than a traditional Italian roast, but not as light as a Nordic espresso…The idea is that it should have a real complexity on the palate, like a single-origin does, but not be difficult on the finish. It should be very friendly… It’s working. I’ve been drinking it for a month now, and I’m super-psyched about it.”

The coffee is yet to be released in America (Murphy blames being “heavily distracted and overbooked”), and there’s no word on where (or even if) you’ll be able to get your hands on a nice, hot Murphylatte in Australia. Either way, if he doesn’t call it “All My Blends”, we’re going to be very disappointed.

Via Rolling Stone