Jake Gyllenhaall, RZA In Vampire Weekend Clip

The latest Vampire Weekend video is supposed to drop in the next few days and will feature a well-rounded cast of familiar faces including silver screen dreamboat Jake Gyllenhaall, Wu-Tang legend RZA, Lil Jon (YEH-AH! WHat?!? Okay!) and a Jonas Brother.

For the first time Vampire Weekend have teamed up with The Malloys – music video-making arbiters of The White Stripes’ “My Doorbell” and Wolfmother’s “Mind’s Eye” – to create a tennis themed clip for their new single “Giving Up The Gun”, a move that will surely get the polo shirt loving fellas one step closer to securing that all-important sponsorship deal with Fred Perry.

In an interview with Anthem, Emmett Malloy – one half of the directing duo, described the concept as a “bizarro tennis match”. He said: “we had RZA presiding over the tennis match. Lil Jon came down to give some tennis tips. Jake Gyllenhaal drank himself out of the competition; Joe Jonas tried, but did not succeed. There was a lot of rigorous competition, pyrotechnics, and a little bit of milk to cap it all off.” Sounds like a lark.

The vid will be premiering on Spinner within the next 24 hours and let’s hope that Jake G will be wearing short shorts or shit could get ugly…