Jack White And Karen Elson Do Vogue

Last month we had the pleasure of interviewing White Stripes/Dead Weather linchpin Jack White who discussed, among other things, the music career of his wife Karen Elson, a world famous supermodel who White first met on the set of The White Stripes’ “Blue Orchid” video in 2005: “She should have been doing it years ago. It’s hard for people, the connotation for a model is to not allow them to breathe and be creative, so she defied that for years in The Citizen’s Band – she’s been in all sorts of projects. She’s just a natural musician.”

But don’t take Jack’s word for it, have a listen to Elson’s debut solo album, “The Ghost Who Walks”, for yourself below. It’s an outstanding, meticulously crafted debut that’s attracted media attention from both music and fashion publications including Vogue Magazine who recently caught up with the flame-haired songstress to discuss stage fright and her songwriting process. You can read the interview here where Elson describes SXSW as “like London, New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks all put together, with every musician, band, act, record label, manager, whatever–they’re all there. So it’s quite daunting, to be honest, and I was terrified because I thought, God, now I’ve really got to make this legitimate. I felt like they were all sitting in the audience thinking, Come on, model, sing.”

Aside from the refreshingly humble interview, Vogue also enlisted Annie Leibovitz to shoot the couple, who have never been photographed together for a magazine. Check out the beautiful editorial imagery as well as a stream of Elson’s debut album below…

Title Image by Terry Wyatt via Getty