Inevitably, A Lot Of People Have No Idea Who Beck Is

This did not take long at all. The announcement that Beck had taken out the Grammy Award for Album of the Year started the ticking of a clock that barely had time to move its arms before the inevitable happened.

Such was the case with previous cases surrounding Paul McCartney and The Arcade Fire, the internet was very much keen to know the answer to one simple question.
“Who even is Beck?
With Twitter being the megaphone that not everyone really needs, the true extent of this small, reasonably unimportant gap in people’s musical repertoires became abundantly clear.
There were those who simply did not know who he was.

Then there were folks like this person, who took a slightly more philosophical look at things.

There were those who tried to make light of the situation by cracking jokes.

And those who tried to make light of the situation by cracking jokes, but wound up making the same joke as everyone else.

There were those who, oddly, thought the Grammys were handed out on the basis of album sales.

And those who have already gone to great lengths to ensure their rage permeates the sands of time.

Conversely, there were those who backed up the Grammy winner with a little sideways comparison.

But the bottom line, as with most things in life, is that – even if he didn’t actually say it – you should probably listen to Prince.

Everything would be a lot calmer and nicer if everyone just listened to Prince.

Photo: Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images.