Hear The Lou Reed/Metallica Album Sampler

Ever since this whole Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration was first spoken of we’ve half been expecting someone to jump out from behind a corner and yell “ONLY KIDDING! GOTCHA!” and we’d all sit around having a good laugh and share a few good-natured pats on the back and everyone would be all “awww, you tricksters! You had us going for a minute there!”

The whole Lou Reed and Metallica pairing is a pretty absurd musical concept. And after looking at the Lou Reed Metallica website it was all but confirmed that the whole thing was a hilarious gag – look at these photos!

Anyway, now they’ve released a sampler of the “album” Lulu. LOL!

Lulu (30-second Samples) by Lou Reed & Metallica

*Nervous laugh*

Title Image by Brendon Thorne via Getty