Hear 4 Leaked Prince Tracks Before Prince Finds Out

“More than life itself,” is the way Edward Lewis describes his love of Prince in the movie Pretty Woman, and while this isn’t the first sentiment on which I have connected with a fictional character (“Man was in the forest.” – Bambi’s Mum), it’s possibly the most resonant. For any devoted Prince fan, the prospect of new material is always a rollercoaster ride of dizzying expectation coupled with fear of disappointment but his fabled next album – set for release this year – might just have the potential to be quality funk-centric Prince goodness.

Four unreleased and allegedly new tracks that are claimed to have been recorded by Prince have emerged online via a mysterious YouTube channel, which should be removed swiftly when the infamously anti-Internet Purple Yoda discovers their presence (assuming they are authentic cuts). Take a listen to the tracks below, led by single-sounding “Same Page Different Book” a nice playable jam with a funk-soul groove, and an awesome electronica flavoured remix of “RNR Affair”.

Prince was last seen changing the face of fashion when he performed in this joy-platter of an outfit at iHeartRadio Music Festival in September 2012.

Photo by Christopher Polk and Stuart Wilson for Getty Images.
Via Potholes In My Blog.