Harry Styles Helped A Fan Come Out At His Syd Show Last Night & What A Sign Of The Times

Harry Styles

Harry Styles: the man, the myth, the legend, the daddy — has once again outdone himself at his Sydney show last night and helped one gorgeous gorgeous girlie come out to her family.

At his first Sydney show on Friday night, Styles performed to a packed out Accor Stadium and tore the fucking place up. During one moment, Styles zeros in on a fan named Asal – who is holding a sign that reads “my family is all here, help me come out”.

Of course, Harry obliges and gets the crowd to cheer for Asal why he sways the queer flag back-and-forth.

The heart-warming footage was captured by TikToker Sally (@sllymcmlln) who is a Sydney journalist and music writer.


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Asal, the girl in the video, also posted footage of the moment on TikTok. She is one half of a band called Tease Me, the other half being her best friend Maddie (who also attended the show).


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Putting the queerbaiting argument aside for a moment, Styles is a pioneer in his own right. His advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights and other marginalised communities is an extremely positive thing for the music industry — an industry that is not known for its inclusivity.

I’m personally not a Harry Styles fan, but seeing footage of his fans in their feather boas at his Australian shows has made me feel so warm and happy. He’s cultivated a community of primarily young women, who are supportive, inclusive and caring.

Not only that but Styles seems to be genuinely adoring and appreciative of his fans, without ever taking advantage of their vulnerability as young women. He even acknowledges his own privilege as a white man at award ceremonies, and yes sometimes he fucks it up with word vomit — but he’s doing more than basically all his peers (especially that menace Liam Payne).

Honestly, I might just become a Harry Styles stan now – love him and more importantly, love his fans.