Hanson Announce Aussie Orchestra Tour If You Wanna MMMBop With Added Strings

Hanson – that band whose long teen boy band hair/songs about feelings made them so dreamy when you were eight – are returning to Australia after 2017’s 25th anniversary run for a symphony orchestra tour, and honestly, who coulda picked that was how this sentence would go.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

I have no idea what ‘MMMBop‘ sounds like now they have all reached puberty and have facial hair. I assume it’s the same “ba duba dop” bop except they have MANLY MAN voices now.

I certainly don’t know what it would sound like accompanied by soaring strings and an assortment of horns, but don’t ya know we’re keen to find out, even if it’s partly to indulge our nostalgia for a more innocent time when the only ‘content’ in our lives was responses to “ASL?” in MSN Messenger.

Aside from their beloved ’90s hits, the brother trio will be performing other faves from the 10 (!!!) studio albums they’ve released over the last 25+ years.


Hanson are coming out with a little help from Chugg Entertainment to show off their new record String Theory, out November 9, a selection of old and new songs reimagined for a bloody orchestra. They did have a little help with the orchestra thing from Oscar-winning arranger David Campbell (he scored Brokeback Mountain!, he’s Beck‘s dad!).

The Hanson men – who were so young in 1997 when their debut Middle of Nowhere smashed the charts that they’re still all in their early/mid-30s – head to Australia early next year after a run through Europe.

Tickets go on sale on October 2.

Wednesday February 27
Palais Theatre, Melbourne

Monday March 4
Sydney Opera House

Wednesday March 6
Canberra Theatre

Friday March 8
The Star, Gold Coast

Saturday March 9
QPAC, Brisbane