Here’s a fun story: around 20 years ago Taylor Hanson met a fan backstage and now they are having their sixth child together. Could’ve been you, huh.

Taylor and his wife, Natalie Hanson, announced the December arrival of their newborn on their Instagrams this morning.

The pair already have a whopping five children in their clan, including Ezra (15), Penny (13), River (11), Ziggo (9) and Wilhelmina (5). This is a confronting kick in the tits considering Taylor’s just 35 and you’re probably in the same age bracket only you’re single and living with your ‘rents to save cash. That and the fact your dreams of one day getting a piece of your childhood crush are getting smaller with every unworn condom.


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In case Zac or Isaac were more your vibe (are you ok), they too are married to fans met at their concerts. Zac’s got four kiddies and Isaac’s got three. The Hanson family either have the strongest swimmers in the world or just forgo contraception in the name of holy spirit amen.

Anyway here are some ultimate daddy shots of Taylor should you want to feel sad, old or the sensation of your ovaries erupting.

Deary me.