Government Somersaults on Community Radio Funding

Today’s biggest fist pump comes courtesy of the Federal Government, as they announced a strategy that will rectify its devastating community radio budget shortfalls announced last month—a loss of $1.4 million. The cuts had the already fledgling industry fearing for its ability to prop itself up without the financial support that is essential to its survival. 

The announcement will impart a $6 million boost to community radio funding over the next 3 years.  

The back and forth teasing of cash—first snatching away $1.4 million, now bestowing an extra $6 million—seems a little childish and exhausting; fingers crossed this funding doesn’t get absorbed back again come September. Now, that really would be taking candy from a baby. 

Melbourne’s independent radio station, Triple R FM, expressed their delight at the news, obviously of the view that it was certainly ALL CAPS worthy:

Today’s announcement follows the successful campaign, Commit To Community Radio, which aimed to call out the death sentence of a budget cut, and pulled over 43,000 supporters, among them Tim Shiel, who penned this ardent love letter to community radio here in May.