Ginger Kid From M.I.A. Film Clip Speaks Out

Unless the next one-shot OK Go video involves all one thousand of Tiger Woods’ mistresses and David Blaine levitating treadmills with his mind the most controversial video of 2010 will go down as this Romain Gavras helmed stomper for M.I.A.’s “Born Free”.

If you happened to not have access to the internet last week check out the (probably) NSFW clip below…

As expected, the visceral subject matter has stirred a heap of controversy and divided pundits on the clip’s value as a political statement. Is the violence just shock tactics masquerading as something nobler? Or is there considered symbolism at play? While that’s a subjective argument that shows no sign of reconciling itself soon, the clip’s star, a young guy named Ian recently chimed in on the intended meaning of shooting his blessed little red head off. According to Ian it’s just “violence to end violence” and “the genocides”. Aww kids say the darndest things about the inherent metaphor behind military-stle executions.

TMZ via Hipster Runoff

Title Image by Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty