Prolific Sydney producer Flume, of syrupy, decadent beat and remix fame is involving his devoted fans in a video to accompany his Disclosure remix live show. Putting a call out on his Facebook page today, Flume is seeking a mack-happy couple (note: he’s specified that you must be CUTE, so you non-babes need not apply), as he wants you to make out with your significant other while he watches.*  

Flume is really no stranger to stunts such as these, as we can all fondly remember the time he invited everyone to send him snapchats. Not surprisingly, a very unwelcome, nightmarish wave of manginas rolled up. Let’s hope that this time his fans decide to up the class, and that they really know how to neck. 

Babe couples can inquire about the casting call, taking place tomorrow in Sydney, by contacting 

* You can only assume.