Today in Kids Today, competition savvy Sydney beatmaker Flume took to Facebook to announce an open ended Snapchat competition (read our beginner’s guide to the nudity prone photo sharing service here) in which the “best snap” would be awarded with a signed Flume album. A few hours later, the man with the number one record in the country and terabytes of nude fan selfies shared with us his breakdown of images received and this likely NSFW winner… 

Says Flume:
50% Selfies at work/School
20% Creepy up close face selfies
10% Manginas
5% Pet cats
5% Picture of ceiling/wall fan with text, “IM A FLUME FAN”
4% Pet Dog pics
3% Fan Art
2.8% Creepy videos
0.2% Boobs

We wouldn’t dare question your numbers, Flume, but they seem just a tad deceptive. Especially since you told us that “Snapchat’s good for boobs” at Laneway last week.

Watch out for our full Flume video interview in the coming days. In the meantime, send him a blurry picture of your balls at flumechat.