Ya Boy Flume Dropped A New Track To Help Save The Great Barrier Reef

Good morning, happy Monday, Flume‘s dropped a previously-unreleased track into the world, in an effort to raise awareness about the extremely dire health of our largest natural wonder – the Great Barrier Reef.

Teaming up with Greenpeace, the Grammy Award-winning Aussie darling of the chill electronica world released the track he’s had up his sleeve to push the importance of protecting the reef before it’s destroyed entirely from coral bleaching, UV damage, dredging, and pollution.

The video clip features footage from the Greenpeace archives of the ecosystems and creatures that call the Barrier Reef their home, highlighting the importance of putting pressure on the Australian Government to take steps to protect the 2300km stretch of reef along the Queensland coastline.

Check out the clip below, bliss out to the perfect last-Monday-before-Christmas vibes, and consider signing the petition so we can urge the powers that be to take care of the world’s biggest coral reef.

Ya boy’s back in the country over New Years to play the Falls Festival run, and Sydney‘s Field Day before jetting off again to the UK for a string of shows.